Minggu, 05 Oktober 2014

A floor plan in Japanese Architecture Called Doma

This is Doma (Dirt floor), a floor plan in Japanese Architecture. 

Living surface of the human geared higher than the ground by pillars, and a portion equipment "floor (floor)" as such as a wooden board was deer were deer, indoor space of the barn houses and traditional Japanese, ground I can be divided into a part of the same height as the. This latter is a dirt floor. The finish of the earthen floor, (floor hardened paint plaster) Sanwa earth, diatomaceous earth, such as concrete tiles are used.

At substantially the same height as the ground, it has become one step lower than the other rooms, such as a hallway, living room, bedroom is the living space,-who for communicating with the outdoors comes in and out, sliding door or Akutobira large always are provided. Described below, but that is reduction in current is called the same way, but there is a character of "rooms indoor treated in the same manner as the ground" in nature.

The application on some waterproof is often used. Those of traditional forms is stored many such old family in modern times. House in Japan is an equal presence and part bedding on stilts that are supported by ancient columns, is part of Doma, form of the elements in this two bound as building one has become a basic. Pillar in the part of the principal of the binding sites of the two is a mainstay.

In house contemporary architecture, Doma has been reduced to a narrow space of the entrance on the border and indoor mere outdoor, is positioned as a place to take off your shoes simply, was an important feature of Doma traditional the element of work space occupation, it is excluded from living houses is large. As handicraft farmers and, by covering the roof simple another Outdoor space such as a garden, a person who is engaged as a cottage industry the work that had been done in the dirt floor traditionally, be considered a substitute for its role in modern it is many.

Those of old was a place with a size more than enough as a workshop, but it is incidental thing treatment of the entrance of (varies depending on the residential scale) heckling about wider than the current one.